Dorothee Decker

"Stillness serves the insight to the core of your existance" (Agustoni)

  • CRANIO-SACRAL-THERAPY (brain and spinal cord system)
  • JIN SHIN JYUTSU (japanise organ-streaming)
  • RECONNECTION to the HEART of the early Embryo
  • TRAINING IN "TIMELESS AWARENESS" ( guided silent exercise)
  • SURYA NADA (sound and resonance in spine and chakras)

My long experience of working in meditation and therapy will support you with an individually synchronised combination of the above methods. It's all about heading for your original, healthy state of balance.

Where Balance arises,
seperation finds integration and rigidness gives way to motion.

This opens pathways to:

  • deep silence, which has a share in neutralising any pain
  • releasing the past which is caught up in your tissues and CNS
  • a floating sense in awareness and motion
  • holistic health by growing care for life itself …whereby ease, the experience of inner stillness and an expanded scope of awareness comes into being…

In finding your ressources, selfregulation gets activated and you start understanding, that in:

Feeling great, no matter what, 
therein lies
the secret of life.

"A Path to Balance" will support your whole system in recalling its original vital forces once again. These are guided by very subtle dynamics, streaming as "fluid light" in tidal rhythm through your whole body.
A sensitive and undesigned accompaniment of this rhythmic flow can have an effect on your entire life. It will give you an orientation towards your innermost healthy being, the heartfelt resonance with your early embryonic heart, where you just feel at one with yourself, coming to realise:


Real Health could be described as an awakening into a natural and pure order, that once was your origin.
Thereby arises an equilibrium between
the inner perception and its forming expression.
Health can never be touched by sickness.
It is the centre of your entity,
like a silent partner...
simply there...
unconditionally facing your true being.
There is a silent joy beyond time and space,
that is never disturbed.
discover it... this moment...

and find that
within yourself

This Source of Life is but a breath away.